Monday, February 3, 2014

MRI Results 1/28/14 MRI

Encephalomalacia is the residual effect of the calcification/evidence of injury that was initially seen on the 2011 brain MRI in the right parietal lobe of her brain. Gliosis means a similar thing, kind of like “scars” on the brain from old injury. The words “prominence of ventricles” and “atrophy” both suggest that Adriana’s brain is smaller than would be predicted for her age (and fluid in her ventricles and elsewhere in the brain just expands to fill the space)- the smaller size is likely related to the old injury/scarring. Lastly, the left side of her cerebellum is “atrophied” also (smaller)- the cerebellum is largely responsible for motor control, balance, and coordination.  
MRI results: Areas of encephalomalacia/gliosis in the right parietal lobe are again identified…. There is mild prominence of both lateral and third ventricles with prominent prevascular spaces noted in both cerebral hemispheres.  There is asymmetric prominence of the  extra-axial space over the atrophied left cerebellar hemisphere.  This finding is unchanged from prior study.  There is unchanged  atrophy of the posterior corpus callosum body and the splenium of the corpus callosum.  This appearance is similar to the prior study.    
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 Basically nothing has changed at all since her 11' MRI. Her brain hasnt grown or anything only more fluid surrounding it taking up the space her brain should of grew into.
The injuries it talks about is from birth. She was oxygen deprived at some point in her life, have no idea when. Which is why I originally wanted the MRI to begin with to see where we were with that.
These results don't mean anything to us.