Friday, June 15, 2012

Acid reflux/ feeding/g tube

I swear Adriana has one of the worst cases of acid reflux ever!! She had wedges, medicine, and everything else drs do to fix it. Nothing helped until finally the lovely surgery team at Arkansas Childrens Hospital did the Nissen. Ever since she had it done she hasn't threw up, gagged but no throwing up which is great compared to what she was doing. She would throw up even being strictly TPN. Which I had several dr's tell me it wasn't possible to do, she proved them wrong!! She also threw up being TPT which wasnt possible either.

Nissen is where they tie the stomach around the esophagus to make it where you cant throw up in babys/ young kids they have to put in a mic-key button.

Mic-key button, a feeding port that is in the stomach but has a port that is out of the stomach.

TPN: nutrients through an IV or PIC-line.

TPT: feeding tube that goes down into the intestines.

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