Friday, June 15, 2012

Pregnancy TMI!!!!!!!

The day before I had Adriana, 10-1-11 I woke up feeling normal for a 8 month pregnant women. As the day went on I noticed my ankles and legs were swollen. I mentioned it to my husband who said he thought my face looked a little fuller. I just propped them up a little later they were even worse. I decided to call my Dr just to make me feel better, it was a Saturday. He told me to go in. Got there and they got me all hooked up on everything, gave a urine sample. They said I was dehydrated. pushed two bags of fluids in me. I have always (my urethra was too big when I was born I had surgery on it not long after birth)  had a pretty horrible bladder.  If I have to go I have to go! The whole time I was there I was leaking stuff (then what I thought was pee from all the fluids and stuff they were pushing in me.) Now I think my amniotic sac had a tear in it or something. I mentioned it to the nurse and we just chalked it up to my horrible bladder. They checked me several times I was still at a 2 which I had been for days. They sent me home told me to take it easy. So I did. Went home and got on the couch for the rest of the day. Went to bed, I was restless but I was pregnant. I started to contract at about 1/2AM that night/morning. I decided to take a hot bath thinking maybe it would relax my muscles like it usually did before and I would be able to sleep and stop the contractions. I sat in the tub till the water got cold, went back to bed still hurting and restless. The contractions were 10/15 mins apart not regular at all so I packed my bag and the kids just in case.  I figured it was her teasing me. I just kept hurting worse and worse by the time I got everything together  I went ahead and woke my husband to go to the hospital just in case.  No sooner (about 3/4AM) than I got him up and told my inlaws who were there for the weekend we were gonna go to the hospital  I was really feeling the contractions. It was a good 10-15 min drive to the hospital, my water broke in the loop of the hospital, my husband was NOT leaving me as he went to find me a wheel chair I stood up to get in my water broke. He runs me up to labor and delivery telling them im having a baby NOW they insist on weighing me and crap knowing I was just there. I kept telling them she is coming NOW! They get me a room wheel me in there I go straight to the bath room to put my lovely gown on and  I feel the urge to poop so I sit on the potty for like 5 mins I finally just give up and go lay in the bed the nurse comes in to check me and get me all set up. She checks me and Adriana is right there. She screams don't push! Her and my husband each grab a leg and she lets me push it was one push and she was out that fast. The nurse cuts the cord and hands her to the NICU team which  I have no idea when or why they were there but I am so thankful they were. Im freaking out she didn't cry or anything. My husband is sitting next to be still, as one of the team members says shes ok were gonna go work on her. They didn't tell us anything. What seems like a life time later my dr gets there tells me she is ok they are still working on her, gives me a shot in my thigh (which hurt worse than labor) and had my deliver the placenta.. He tells me he's gonna put me on a floor were I can stay longer if needed they wont kick me out fast. That really freaked me out. Its like 9am by the time they get me in a room and all still really not knowing anything about her. Family comes and goes, its like 7pm before they will let me go see her. I really wish I would of known my rights and enforced them more with her. It was miserable not knowing anything about her at all. I finally get to see her. The most beautiful 8 pound 10 oz little girl. She was on her chest vented, they told me she was just full of fluid they were draining it off her acted like it was no big deal. It was one of the worst/best days of my life.

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